Rottler YHMC-V16L

V series vertical machining center adopts the moving structure of cross sliding table and sliding guide, which is mainly applied in the processing of middle and small scale comlicated parts. It can finish all kinds of processing such as drilling, milling, expanding, boring, tapping and profile milling at one time of clamping. It is suitable for the parts processing with high precision, multiple procedure and complicated shape. It is the key facility in industries like general machinery, molding, aviation and energy.


To guarantee that every set of Rottler CNC machine can achieve the high precision standard, stability and precision maintanence. It adopts the advanced production process in the casting of bed structure parts, heat aging treatment of the cast, high-precision processing of parts, high-frequency  quenching og key parts, high-degree cleaning of key parts and constant temperature dust-free assembly of precision parts before the assembly.


Rottler establishes and implements a strict  internal quality control standards to realize the strict monitoring on the whole process of machine tool design and manufacturing. More than 40 testing items, more than 600 points of quality control, 48 hours running-in load and processing test with ZEISS three-coordinate measuring machine and REINSHAW laser interferometer to guarantee the precision control off all details.