Focusseiki FGL-2616

Minimum Spindle Distance

The distance between spindle center to Z-axis slideway surface is 150mm. Spindle center is located at the center of headstack which eases the thermal expansion caused by in increased temperature of spindle; therefore, raises the resistance of the body structure when cutting providing higher machining accuracy and stability.


Ballscrew Cooling System

Each axis driven by a large diameter, high precision ground, pre-loaded and double anchored ballscrew providing high accuracy, fast rapid feedrates and maximum feed thrust. Models with travel over 3m are equipped with cooling system through ballscrew on X-axis to alleviate thermal expansion, resulting in higher positioning accuracy. Models with travel over 4m possess supporting way for X-axis to solve the problems of overhanging and vibration.


Precise Roller Type Linear Guide Ways

Feeding systems of X-axis and Y-axis adopt the roller type linear guide which feature the heavy load resistance, rapid dynamic response and low friction coefficient (0,003-0,005). The linear guideways and Y-axis are protected against dirt and chips by obliquely mounted telescopic covers.