Our firm had started business process after buying semifinished CNC and universal machines of Turkey’s biggest CNC machine manufacturer named as Tezsan Makina Takım Tezgahları, was located in Çayırova-Gebze/Turkey which closed and stopped manufacturing activities in 1997. After 15 years of experience and success, we are continuing on our way with confidence and stable steps with the name of ECO Master since 2012.
Since the day our company founded, we kept being business&solution partners with lots of little, medium and advanced scale of companies related with new and used CNC machines. It’s our first aim to fully support and help our clients by following the last innovations and developments in machine industry.
In 2016, our company decided to start a new formation in order to renovate used CNC machines of our clients and turning them into a condition as they are like brand new by a process which includes changing even the smallest screw, grinding and rectifying the guideways, changing the ballscrews and sheet metal parts, renewing the whole mechanics and finally changing the control system including motors and drivers. Our target here is to reactivate our clients old or non using investments and increase it’s values, decrease the costs of a new investment and giving them the best solutions with our assurance and warranty.
As ECO Master, it’s our goal to cooperate with you for long term in best way using our professional and experienced staff with our high quality products and fast problem solving abilities.